Do Professional Athletes Make Too Much Money?

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Do professional athletes make too much money? Neumann University Daniel Kilpatrick Every year player's salaries reach new highs. Athletes are treated as celebrities in American society and idolized by young athletes. The kids who see what their favorite player is doing through the media also are being influenced by them. The example that professional athletes set is very important because they looked up to. The example that many athletes set is unfortunately a negative one. Most people think that athletes make too much money but there are those that believe they are paid fairly. The enormous amount of money that professional athletes receive is having a negative effect on kids today. Athletes should…show more content…
The Sports Journal shows research that 1 in every 100 pre-adolescent children are currently taking steroids"( Professional athletes need to make less money because their wealth and popularity have made athletes think they can do whatever they want. An NFL player by the name of Ray Lewis was charged with murder. He was able to hire some of the best lawyers money can buy and the "Baltimore Ravens linebacker avoided murder charges and jail time by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and testifying against two co-defendants"( pled guilty and only avoided murder charges because he testified against his coconspirators. There seems to be a double standard when it comes to athletes. Their money allows them to get away with things that normal citizens would not. The message this is sending to kids is that if they make enough money than they can do anything they want. It is clear that athletes should not make as much as they do. They are supposed to set a positive example for kids but they continue to reinforce negative actions in kids. Spots should not be like this. A player should not get away with murder because he can buy the best lawyers and players should not be able to refuse to play because they receive a pay cut. The money players make will continue to corrupt Professional athletes and in turn they will corrupt kids until they make less money and are given less power. References Pete Prisco. (2011, March 03). Lockout primer: Players'

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