Do Religious Jews Suffer in the American Justice System?

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America boasts an unsurpassed justice system. Unlike many Eastern countries, America presumes the defendant “innocent until proven guilty”. The Fourth Amendment protects all individuals against unreasonable searches and seizures, and a valid search warrant must be obtained from a magistrate after proving probable cause. Additionally, in America criminals can be vindicated if the prosecution fails to prove their criminal guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Furthermore, the Sixth Amendment provides the accused with a right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury; thus, a hung jury results in a mistrial. Its purpose is explained in the landmark Supreme Court decision Apodaca v. Oregon: “… [T]he purpose of trial by jury is to prevent…show more content…
The boys, Yossi Bondo, 17, Yaakov Yosef Grunwald, 19, and Yoel Zev Goldstein, 22; Yeshiva students of Bnei Brak, Israel; were approached by someone they knew and trusted, and asked them to transport antiques to the Far East for an upcoming Art Fair. The deal was that the boys would stop in Amsterdam, where they would receive the antiques, before taking a connecting flight to Tokyo, Japan where someone will pick it up. They were to receive a bonus of $1,000 each and a chance to Daven in Lizensk. After a long, exhausting flight, the boys arrived to Narita International Airport. After a custom agent determined that their suitcases had contained $3.6 million dollars worth of narcotics, the three unsuspecting boys were immediately arrested and placed in solitary confinement. It followed by months of grueling interrogation in a foreign country and foreign language. After Askanim from Israel, Europe and the United States got involved, the boys were finally able to relate their account and request Kosher meals. These dedicated Askanim saw that the boys should be vindicated and freed for once. At last, after three and half years of hard work by the Askanim, after millions of dollars for defense and thousands, perhaps millions, of chapters Tehillim recited on their behalf throughout

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