Do Same-Sex High Schools Promote Educational Success?

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Do Same-Sex High Schools Promote Educational Success?
Kyle Neugebauer

In this paper I am going to try to persuade you that same-sex high schools promote educational success. Single-sex education is an old approach that has recently gained new momentum. When we think about single-sex education, we tend to think just about private schools; however, there is a new push to create same-sex education in public schools as well. There are several arguments and statistics I will use throughout this essay to show you how same-sex education compares with co-educational atmospheres and why I believe that more states and schools should offer these learning atmospheres. I will also share the results of a survey I conducted that
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“While simply separating boys and girls doesn’t guarantee success, schools that use best practices for gender-specific teaching may be more successful at teaching to boys’ and girls’ strengths, says NASSPE Executive Director Leonard Sax, MD, PhD, a psychologist and family physician. “What we’re doing right now — pretending that gender doesn’t matter — is not working,” he says. “We are losing ground.” (Novotney, 2011).
Survey Results I conducted a brief, anonymous five-question survey to twenty individuals about some of the topics I have discussed and I was very surprised with the answers I received. Since the trend toward same-sex education is growing, I geared my questions around whether or not they would send their children to a same-sex institution. I surveyed ten men and ten women. Seven of the twenty participants attended a private school but only 3 of those were same-sex oriented. I expected that most people would be in favor of same-sex education but the majority was not—even if money was no issue. When I questioned them about whether or not they thought same-sex schooling would limit distractions many argued that there would be distractions no matter what school you went to. Also many believe that by separating girls and boys, their social development would be compromised. As for the main argument, that same-sex high schools would promote educational success, one participant stated “the quality of the teacher has the fastest impact

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