Do School Uniform Have An Effect On Students Academic Achievement?

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Research question:

Do school uniform have an effect on students academic achievement ?

- What do school uniforms mean to students?

-What are the pros and cons of having school uniform?

- What is the effect it has on students?

This research starts with the hypothesis: there is no relationship between uniform and

student academic achievement. This main research topic is divided into three subtopics

above to address the main question gradually. The aim for conducting this research is to

seek out the thought of having uniform from student perspectives. It may be true that

uniform is seen as the symbol of the school and the identity of student; however, it

could just be considered as a set of clothes without any meaning.

Nobody asks for students ' opinion whether they want to have it or not. This study will

be a good chance to let teachers and parents pay more attention to what students really

want. A semi-structured questionnaire was therefore administered to ask personal

opinion from students of EF London towards school uniform. The findings will be

analysed and presented and it will be a precious opportunity to ponder what is the true

value and key function of the school uniform.

Literature review:

Some researches argue that uniform can create a better learning environment within unity;

nevertheless, the opponents claim that there is limited empirical evidence to prove the

effectiveness of uniform on student achievement.


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