Do School Uniforms Help Students? Essay

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Can anyone believe that school uniforms help students achieve good on their health and financial problems? Many people, schools, and even state governments have been in conflict over uniforms every since they went popular to the United States in the 1980s, even though they started way before that. Although many opponents might suggest that school uniforms bring improvements, there are too many drawbacks on a school uniform to show that they are nothing more than a bad idea for students everywhere. School uniforms started as a beginning in the United Kingdom every since the medieval times around the 1500s. Now it is a common practice around the world for mostly a private school tradition. However, even some public schools use uniforms.…show more content…
Opposing arguments say that uniforms are good. They claim that they seem to decrease bullying, dispel distractions, and reduce morning prep-time. For example, Ray Rivera, principal of a K-8 Eastwood Knolls in El Paso, Texas, quotes, “Occurrence of fighting among students was pretty much an everyday event. But last year, we had only two… fights. We don’t have gang and drug problems anymore. It makes it very easy for ‘have-nots’ and ‘haves’ to get along because they all look alike (Cook 2).” As for dispelling distractions. students are having a greater chance of staying to the books because they don’t seem to look at a certain and daring dress or short skirt that other students might wear if it wasn’t for required outfits. Finally, if a kid picks out a uniform for each day, it reduces the time due to not having to decide on what you want to wear. However, that is not enough to fight the fact that the uniforms are still too wrong to be required in every school. For example, bullying is not all based on what someone might wear. In fact, there are six major categories of bullying. These types include: physical, verbal, emotional, cyber, racial, disability, gay, and religious (Types 1). All of them are major issues that contribute to the fact of how much bullying is bad and has spread, so there is no way bullying can be stopped by putting on a uniform. First of

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