Do School Uniforms Improve Education?

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Do School Uniforms Improve Education? Inappropriately dressing can be distracting and interpret useful class time. School uniforms help our school system in many ways. School uniforms eliminate these issues. It helps eliminate bullying because everyone will be wearing the same. School uniforms also help students score higher on test. It helps teachers not have as many issues from students. Students feel more comfortable when they all look the same so it helps be more welcoming. School uniforms improve students’ education. Students are always worried about keeping up with the latest trend that they lose focus on the education causing them not to be focused.“A dress code was put in place in an attempt to reduce fashion competition among students. Administrators thought that some students were more interested in designer names and who was and wasn't wearing them than in schoolwork” (Kizis). This would be a way to limit the amount of lost focus. Also a way to limit bullying. The focus wouldn’t be on fashion at all so it would be better. There would never be a word said similar to my jeans are better than yours because they are Miss Me. This would help limit bullying and help keep students focused and on task. School uniforms would allow more focus on education rather than worrying about what style or brand of clothes they're wearing.“The learning environment improved as teachers could focus more on education and less on discipline” (Clinton). The learning environment would be
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