Do Schools Kill Creativity?

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Do Schools Kill Creativity? On October 7, 2015, I watched the TED Talk of Sir Kenneth Robinson, (author, speaker and international advisor on education). He claimed, “There have been three themes running through the conference... One is the extraordinary evidence of human creativity…and in all of the people here. Just the variety of it....The second is that it 's put us in a place where we have no idea what 's going to happen…” Specifically, he claimed that creativity lies in every human being, no matter who the person is. Creativity is unpredictable, can happen at any moment and can determine the future; what someone becomes or does later in their life. As he claimed “What I find is everybody has an interest in education. Don 't you?” Although some may believe that some people may not have an interest in education, some people simply do not want to learn. Robinson insisted, “So I have a big interest in education, and I think we all do. We have a huge vested interest in it, partly because it 's education that 's meant to take us into this future that we can 't grasp.” Meaning, the future is too far ahead to fully conceive, sure, some would like to argue that they have their entire future “mapped out”, but no one truly knows what may or may not happen and that is where a person’s creativity kicks in; thinking about the future, and planning it out. He stated, “If they [Children] don 't know, they 'll have a go… They 're not frightened of being
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