Do Schools Kill Creativity Essay

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Lindsey Claire Galt
Dr. Lee March
American Government
October 3, 2012

Do Schools Kill Creativity? If you search almost anywhere on the internet about creativity and public schools you will run into a video by a man named Sir Ken Robinson. He emphasizes that schools kill creativity in every way. On the other hand, President Barack Obama disagrees whole heartedly. Both of these men agree that creativity is important to children and schools but they disagree on whether or not creativity is being implemented in schools. Robinson stated in his lectured at TED 2006, “I believe this passionately, that we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it. Or rather, we get educated out of it” (Ken Robinson. TED2006). He goes to say that
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Once they hit about third grade the standardized tests start to take over and creativity is suppressed to make room for all of the facts that children must memorize to pass the exams. There are negatives and positives about this. The 2004 New York State Education Department’s policy brief stated that the positive effects of high stakes exams were that they “provide students with clear info about their own skills, motivate students to work harder in school, send clearer messages to students about what to study and help students associate ad align personal efforts with rewards”. The negative effects were that high stakes exams “frustrate students and discourage them from trying, make students more competitive, and cause students to devalue grades and assessments”. These tests put a lot of pressure on the students as well as the teachers and they are so stressed out about making the scores that they need to keep their jobs and schools that other things like creativity and individualism are lost (New York State Education Department 9-12)
The goals of education are controversial and not many people can agree on what they are. A commonly shared opinion of the “purpose of education is to prepare students for the “real world” to “succeed””. Children are constantly being prepared for the workforce and what will
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