Do Smartphones Increase or Decrease Social Interaction?

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Do smartphones increase or decrease social interaction? Samuel Walendowsky English Composition I Mrs. Meinhardt November 25, 2012 Abstract Everyday more smartphones are sold around the world, nowadays there are about 1 billion smartphones being used in the entire world. Now it is much easier and faster to share information, experiences, pictures and ideas to everyone. We are getting so used to all of these technologies that soon we will not be able to live without them anymore. But sometimes people overuse their devices and this can be very dangerous once you may lose all of your human interaction skills.…show more content…
Do smartphones help us to have more social interaction or do they make us lose our ability to interact with other people? If you have a smartphone you can still communicate with a lot of people even being all by yourself. You can text, call, send pictures and videos and much more just by having a smartphone. And this is not the even main problem. It occurs when you are already with your friends and you still keep using your phone. Since I do not have a smartphone I started to observe how my friends act while hanging out with each other. Some of them, when using their phones, completely ignore everyone and everything around them. After doing some research in trying to answer the question whether smartphones help ours social relations or not, I think I found a suitable answer: The problem is not the smartphone, it is the way people use it. In my point of view, smartphone users need to be aware of the time they spend using their phone every day. They need to find a point of equilibrium where you can still enjoy every single feature of the smartphone, but still interact with people who are around. For example, turn off your phone when you have lunch with your friends or when you are at an event or a party. This would help you to not lose your ability to interact with people personally. When you privilege the relationships mediated by smartphones we are compromising ours real social skills (Giglio,

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