Do Soap Operas Have The Potentials Empower Women Audience?

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Do soap operas have the potentials to empower women audience? Apply relevant feminist media theories to the analysis of one particular show. Introduction People nowadays live in a media society and they use different kinds of media products everyday. The public enjoy the benefits brought by technology as people not only can watch the programmes on television but also be able to watch them online. In Indonesia, nine out of ten people watch television every single day and a growing amount of middle class people start television subscription services. a variety of soap operas and comedy was provided by the three most popular national broadcast channels in 2011. Russia, meanwhile, had the highest viewership of online video and 44 percent of the country population watches the online video every day (Kohli, 2014). It is evident that people receive a tremendous amount of information from different TV programmes everyday. Soap opera, a serial drama related to the stories of the female protagonists, is always one of the most popular programmes for the females. In this study, we will discuss the development of soap operas, the definition of empowerment, the feminine discourse of soap operas, the negative aspects of soap operas, the positive aspects of soap operas and finally determine whether soap opera have the potential to empower women audience. Development of soap operas Television is becoming a prime feature in our life, which has a great power to change our opinions and beliefs,

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