Do Something - He's About to Snap

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1. Max is a victim of “workplace bullying, a form of harassment that results in employees experiencing mental distress, physical illness, loss of productivity, and a higher propensity to quit to avoid being in a toxic workplace” (Gomez-Melia et al., 2011, p. 490). Max’s peers were constantly talking and spreading rumors about him. His peer, Nicole Ianucci told other peers that he was probably having a mental breakdown because she saw him getting a prescription at the CVS (Roche, 2003). This persistent pattern of “targeting an employee to rumors or gossip with intentions to harm” (Gomez-Melia et al., 2011, p. 491) is an example of bullying behaviors. 2. With “layoff talk” around the office, management should be concerned about…show more content…
The team needs an intervention in respecting others and how to deal with stress. Specific actionable items to the safety plan are listed below: • Inclusion of all departments and creation of a committee where employees provide feedback and managers consider (Gomez-Melia et al., 2011). • Launch a full communication campaign to include posters, pamphlets and team presentations and regular enforcement of the new program. (Gomez-Melia et al., 2011). • Training of supervisors in how to communicate and demonstrate safety practices to employees (Gomez-Melia et al., 2011). • Launch incentives, rewards and positive reinforcement tactics to ensure the program is valued and discipline for unsafe behaviors (Gomez-Melia et al., 2011). • Create an audit follow up plan to ensure the safety plan is working and potential dangerous situations are being avoided (Gomez-Melia et al., 2011). Specific programs that Lynne should launch include an Employee assistance program (EAP), “to help employees cope with physical, mental, or emotional problems (including stress) that are undermining their job performance” (Gomez-Melia et al., 2011, p. 561). In additional, Lynne should look at implementing wellness programs which are “preventive efforts designed to help employees identify potential health risk and deal with them before they become problems” (Gomez-Melia et al., 2011, p. 561). A wellness program will “encourage
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