Do Sports Keep Teens Out Of Trouble

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Participation in sports can help keep teens out of trouble, though it’s not guaranteed. I believe teens who participate in sports tend to have less time to get into trouble. They are usually in better physical shape than their peers; they tend to pay more attention to nutrition than kids who don’t play sports. Teen athletes also tend to do better academically and may get a boost in self-esteem compared to their peers who do not participate in sports. Playing sports is also a great way to introduce kids to different physical activities. Playing sports also help kids to learn different skills, for instance how to dribble a basketball, kick and catch a football and hit and catch a baseball. Learning such skills doesn’t happen overnight. It…show more content…
Most teams practice or have games several days out the week during the season. When kids aren't practicing or playing against one another, they are most likely studying to stay eligible, eating or sleeping. When kids are busy doing positive things, they don’t have as much time to get into trouble. Teen athletes tend to have better self-esteem than their peers and usually will make healthier choices to keep their bodies in better conditions, which includes staying away from unhealthy foods, sex, drugs and alcohol. Some kids will get in trouble if they don't have anything to do. It could be the teen’s choice of peers, lack of parental involvement or a number of other factors. Some teens who are involved in sports and become popular may feel they are above the rules or their peers. These teens are in danger of destroying or causing damage to those around them. Supportive parents or other adults are crucial to the success of any teen, especially a teen…show more content…
More than 26 million children ages 6 to 17 played team sports in 2014, down nearly 4 percent from 2009, according to a widely cited survey by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. Total sports played have plummeted by nearly 10 percent said (Michael S. Rosenwald, 2015). Another reason why participating in sports keeps teens out of trouble is because teens have too much fun playing their favorite sport to be causing trouble. They are interested in knowing if they are going to win a game or not. They are also concerned if the coach is going to make them captain. They are more worried about their sports, staying eligible to play and having fun rather than doing dumb stuff. Sports also keep teens out of trouble because it’s when they’re bored out of their minds that they look into other avenues for
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