Do Students Lose More Than They Gain On Online Writing Classes?

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Do students lose more than they gain in online writing classes? A lot of questions need to be answered about how effective is education online. I personally believe that online writing classes provide individuals with a position to educate themselves amongst their everyday means. Over obstacle that many of these students may have, a gateway to their dreams of a higher education comes from opportunities. These opportunities may at time fall short, come with difficulties, time challenge but nevertheless be rewarding at the end.

Most of these students who take advantage of online writing class seek help in furthering their education. Online writing classes have to be one of the most important class requirements. The education that is obtained provides a creative way of understanding language context, peer-to-peer interaction and managing time constraints. Strategies of teaching writing online provide some clear obstacles for educators, but many of these obstacles are based on software approaches to support course material. Review a video on TED open my eyes to the future of online education and where it can take the everyday person. Shai Reshef, one of the founders of describes the opportunity to grant individual all over the world the chance to a higher education at little to no cost.

Reading Kiefer essay she described drawing a comparison to traditional classroom and the online environment. She describes some of the deficits of writing…
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