Do Superwomen Truly Exist or Are They a Figment of Our Imagination

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Do superwomen truly exist or are they a figment of our imagination? I believe that women as a whole have been duped into unrealistically trying to become "superwomen". Television, movies and modern media depict unreal women with unreachable goals and lives. Stereotypes that have been perpetuated by what people think "perfect lives" should look like have also not helped. There are millions of women who lead rich fulfilling happy lives without thinking that they have to be able to tackle everything. Television has played a huge role in how women see themselves and others around them. Several years ago, tv used to portray the perfect housewife whose home was always immaculately kept, her children were always dressed in matching clothes with perfect hair not to mention that she also was always beautifully dressed even when in casual clothes. To add to this pretty picture, her husband was always handsome and successful. Dinner was on the table when he arrived home and they would often have company over and entertain. Their relationship would be loving and while they might have comedic spats, she would ultimately defer to husband's wishes. I believe that these unrealistic shows put so much pressure on women to always try to be perfect and live beautiful well-ordered lives that they would often be miserable when their lives didn't look like what they saw on television. Fast forward to more recent times where not only does television still carry most of these old images but

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