Do The Benefits Of College Still Out Weight The Cost Essay

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Do the benefits of college still out weight the cost?
Though many people have been questioning whether education is a wise investment, research has shown that the benefits of education still outweigh the costs. Different education levels have different returns in terms of investment. Despite the rate of college-educated workers rate of unemployment remaining low, they are struggling to fit in the job market. What amounts to uncertainty in the benefit of college education is the struggle that comes in paying education loan debts and the rising cost of education. With the return on investment in education remaining at 15%, most people would argue that is not a sound investment. Those with less education struggle more especially in the past decade.
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Other costs include the direct cost like college fee.
With tuition fee rising and wages declining, the value of a college degree may seem in doubt. However, these aspects alone do not define the benefit of a college degree. Taking in to account the full set of costs and benefits, it is a wise economic decision for an average person to invest in college education.
The author in the article is trying to say however college education maybe viewed, it is still a better investment with a higher return than any other investment an average person can make. College education outweighs all the costs that are incurred in pursuit of education. Conversely, the level of return on investing in education differs depending on the level of education. A high school student will earn less return than a bachelor’s degree graduate. Likewise, a postgraduate will earn more return than a bachelor’s degree holder. However, before investing in any education program, one should weigh the cost and benefits of their undertaking before implementing the
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