Do The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana Justify Its Legality?

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Do the Benefits of Medical Marijuana Justify its Legality?
According to article, “Recent Research on Medical Marijuana,” written by Paul Armentano, and published on in 2015, he mentions in the United States, federal prohibitions outlawing cannabis ' recreational, industrial, and therapeutic use were first imposed by Congress under the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. In the article, “23 Health Benefits Of Marijuana,” by Jennifer Welsh and Kevin Loria, published on Business in 2014 they emphasizes: “There are two active chemicals in marijuana that researchers think have medicinal applications. Those are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has pain relieving and other properties” (Welsh and Loria 1). In “Medical marijuana could reduce painkiller abuse, study suggests,” article published in an online newspaper the Los Angeles Time, in 2015, Melissa Healy wrote: “Could medical marijuana be an antidote for the nation 's scourge of fatal overdoses caused by prescription pain medication? A new study suggests the answer is, “yes.”
This essay will be analyzing the legalization of use marijuana under medical supervisions.
Paul Armentano reveals in his article that in 1970 federal lawmakers decided to classify

Sepúlveda 2 cannabis as a substance in Schedule I. According to Schedule I substances are considered…

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