Do The Benefits Of Social Media Outweigh The Risks?

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AJ Weber
Mrs. Fuerholzer
AP Seminar
10 November 2015
Do the Benefits of Social Media Outweigh the Risks?
There is much controversy over whether or not the risks of social media outweigh the benefits. While it can be used for numerous types of criminal activity, it can also be used to stop these crimes and other criminals. Just a few examples of occurrences that can negatively affect or even inflict physical harm on people through social media usage include things such as cyberbullying, sexual predation, robbery, etc. These things can permanently affect people’s lives or even, in some cases, kill them. Given these risks, there are also many strategies the police utilize to catch criminals, which would not be possible without social media. So, which is it? Does the amount of predators or cyberbullies online and on social media give ample enough reason to consider social media more help than harm, or are there enough good things that result from social media usage to consider social media a valuable asset? Social media can be used as a tool in law enforcement, but there are too many negative factors, like crime and cyberbullying, that were directly caused by social media to consider it much of an asset.
Social media has a huge effect on the way this generation of teens thinks and behaves (Kite, et al.). It can be an outlet of hate, a place for this generation to vent about their problems and ridicule others anonymously. This is called cyberbullying. It is considered
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