Do The Disadvantages Of Nationalism Outweigh The Advantages?

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Do the disadvantages of nationalism outweigh the advantages? Slide 1 Nationalism. It is imperative we begin with outlining the definition of the term nationalism which is, ‘excessive or undiscriminating devotion, to the interests or culture of a particular nation-state. The belief that nations will benefit from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals’. [1] There are many branches of nationalism: ethic, civic, religious, expansionist and many more. Nationalism is a largely contested topic, with individuals such as Alex Salmond favouring nationalism and others like Ambedkar who believe, ‘human dignity mattered more’ * There are many aspects of nationalism to contemplate: when a…show more content…
Obviously creating problems such as exclusion or discrimination. Overall, I feel more inclined to believe that ‘moderate’ nationalism (when you are open minded to other ways of living and don’t strictly believe that yours in the only way) allows us to derive more benefits than costs because it can establish more cohesive societies by unifying people through arousing similar passions that create a common ground. Arguably, nationalism encourages diversity due to an overarching identity that depreciates cultural, racial and religious differences; which emphasizes its global significance, as nationalism allow us to develop a greater understanding of countries beliefs, culture and principles because diverse groups of people are brought together. Consequently, immigrants may be able to integrate into societies with far more ease, reducing discrimination and promoting respect for the environment (composed of the surroundings and people that live there) because there will be reduced influence on monetary incentives. Slide 3 Gideon Rachman affirms that nationalism is, ‘Bad News for International Co-operation’ [2] which suggests nationalism isn’t socio – economically beneficial on a global basis because when individual countries focus on their own economy’s they become dependent upon others, which in turn reduces stability. This is a rather bold claim that can be disputed, however acknowledging that Rachman is a
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