Do The Right Thing Analysis

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In the film “Do The Right Thing” by Spike Lee, cinematography and sound serve as critical components to emphasize the racial tensions between the various characters. Set in a predominantly black neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, the action of the film consists of a series of unfolding events that take place over the course of one hot summer day. Heat, serves as a catalyst to the film’s rising tensions and makes up one of the key symbols in the film. The purpose of this paper is to examine two elements of film; cinematography and sound, in Do The Right Thing, and analyze how these elements develop meaning and understanding of the film. Sound plays a very important role in the film, Do The Right Thing. This is evident right since the beginning of the film as it begins with the song “Fight The Power” by Public Enemy (a black artist). In the opening scene of the film, one character Tina, who is Mookie’s girlfriend is seen dancing to this song. Her movements and gestures seem to be pretty aggressive and somewhat angry. Her red colored attire further highlights heat as an important symbol.
Character development is significantly seen in this film, since it revolves around several characters and their relationships with each other within that predominantly black community in Brooklyn. The opening scene with Tina doesn’t tell us much about her, however through the course of the film we are able to learn more about her character, about her relationship with Mookie and through
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