Do The Right Thing : Pop Culture

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Do the Right Thing: Pop Culture at its Best When we think of pop culture, especially in movies we think of celebrities, fashion, and tag lines. While Do the Right Thing (DTRT) by Spike Lee has maybe one of those, but its powerful themes, characters and presentation turned it into one of the most notable films ever. It heavily employs the interactionist approach by showing different cultures interacting with one another, and making major points of their own stereotypical racial biases, bigotry and degrees of discrimination, as well as the initial signs of gentrification which culminate into series of ever intensifying events that forever change the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Sty). DTRT utilizes metaphor of heat and pop culture themes of music, fashion and racial conflict, to address real social, economic, institutional and political inequities that still plague our society today. DTRT chronicles one of the hottest days on record in the infamous Bed-Sty, from its simmering beginnings to its violent end. It uses a deliberate cinematography style where actors to speak directly into the camera, and are framed within certain angles to depict their position within the dialogue (i.e. one character is shot from below to signify that he is above the situation or person he is talking to). While the characters can be seen as stereotypical, they are in fact significantly concrete and a reflection of many in reality. They are strong vehicles for Lee to address how
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