Do They Really Know Best?

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Do they Really Know Best? Liberal anti-gun politicians and supporters feed the media with a steady stream of ignorant, uneducated statements about guns and gun rights. Many state senators and even the current vice president have made ignorant, false and uneducated statements about gun control laws that should not have been brought to the public’s attention. If these politicians are proposing new legislation or voting to ban guns and other heavy weaponry and they are not knowledgeable in that field. Then how can people really put their full trust in the officials that they depend on to make a fair educated decision on a topic that has been a big deal lately? These politicians should know a little of what they are talking about before they…show more content…
The majority of liberals are against guns under all circumstances and if an individual does not like something then they are not expected to be knowledgeable in that field. “There’s no particular reason that a person should have to know how a magazine works. It is possible to live a full, rich, and decent life without ever firing a gun” (McArdle). In that article about gun control and a Colorado congress women McArdle explains that there is no reason that a person should have to know about how a magazine works or even how a gun works in that case. Also that people can live a full life without having anything to do with guns. In contrast, in 2013 the vice president of the United States, Joe Biden, made some risky and irresponsible comments about gun control. Some of the comments he made about guns and how they should be used are completely absurd and very dangerous. On the webpage The Blaze, Billy Hallowell quotes Joe Biden’s comments about home defense. He says “If you want to protect yourself, get yourself a double-barrel shotgun. You don’t need an AR-15. It’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use, and in fact, you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself. Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun” (Hallowell). This comment about AR-15s is completely false. To begin with the AR platform is one of the safest gun platforms in the world and has been since it was introduced in 1959. Its
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