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Do Uniforms Matter?

Do people actually believe school’s uniforms matter? Uniforms do not always help with learning environments. Sometimes they can even make it worse. School should not force their students to wear uniforms because they need to express themselves, it is expensive, and it can cause low self-esteem. We have a right of expression. For example, when they were talking about expression they said “ uniforms infringe upon students’ right to express their individuality…” (Weis 3). Uniforms do not let the children choose what they want to wear. They have to wear what is already chosen for them, they don’t get a say in anything. Even though it’s them who has to wear the uniforms. Additionally, when they were talking about
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For example, when they were talking about parents' choices they said “Parents should be free to choose their children’s clothes without government interference” (Dashkovitz 11). Parents have the right to buy which clothes their children will wear. They don’t want to spend money on clothes that their child will only wear to school, let alone expensive clothes. Additionally, when they were talking about free education, they said “School uniforms...undermine the promise of a free education by imposing an extra expense on families” (Hush 11). An expensive set of clothes will not help a family with money issues. It is incredibly wrong for people to be allowed to charge someone money for something they didn’t even want to buy in the first place. Likewise, when they were talking about the cost of uniforms they said “...the cost of an average uniform [is]...275 for a child…” (Feely 2). Even just this amount of money can put a family in debt, or deeper in debt. Also, it is unfair to do this to kids in public schools. The whole purpose of them is so families do not have to pay money is not fair. Especially to public school
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