Do Video Games Help Students Essay

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Do video games help students in the classroom? This is a question that I have been pondering about because I am part of a group of about 150 million Americans that play video games. Alicia Ault, an author of a video gaming and learning article wrote that the “biggest converts to video games are educators, who are using them to teach such subjects as history, geography, science and math and to hone students ' critical-thinking abilities” (Ault). According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project survey, half of the experts surveyed predicted that gamification, or the use of games by educators and companies to turn work into a game, would become a major factor in education, health care and the workplace by 2020 (Pew Research Center). I believe that this gamification going on throughout schools could help student learn. Elizabeth Box, a civics teacher in a Florida middle school, started noticing a decline in kids’ engagement. They didn’t care, their parents didn’t care, and they were failing. Box knew that she needed to do something in order to make them study again. So, she researched online and found a blog called Teched-up Teacher by Chris Aviles that made her class into a video game. Her classroom went from a 30 percent assignment completion rate to 100 percent. In the end, all of her students get their work done, everyone logs in outside of school, and every single one is passing her civics class. This shows that gaming is helping out teachers complete their tasks of

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