Do Video Games Kill Research Paper

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In the twenty-first century, around 97% of teens in the United States play some sort of video game (Sutter Health). From the ages of eight to twelve years old, a video game is played for about thirteen hours per week. From the ages of thirteen to eighteen years old play, a video game is played for about fourteen hours per week (Hughes para. 2). The American Psychological Association or APA stated in a study that “video games increase aggressive behavior and thoughts while lessening empathy and sensitivity” (Sifferlin) meaning the APA is implicating that a violent game will endure oneself to be less compassionate for others. However, various articles have been published stating that there is not enough physical evidence to support the theory…show more content…
In the past years, critics have concluded stating that because of video games being released, homicide rates have dropped seventy-seven percent amongst juveniles and less than seven in ten million students have a chance of being killed at school (Sternheimer 214). In “Do Video Games Kill?” the author states, “the 2005 review found evidence that playing video games improves spatial skills and reaction times, but not that the games increase aggression” (Sternheimer 217). Many different video games have positive effects such as problem-solving skills, following directions, multitasking, quick thinking, and more. Video games increase problem-solving skills by placing obstacles in the game for the player to overcome. Virtual gaming can also teach the players how to follow directions to progress throughout the game. Players learn to multitask by taking on different objectives at the same time. According to the studies conducted by Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester found that players become more attuned to their surroundings due to the effects of gaming (Hughes “Benefits of Playing Video Games”). By the player becoming attuned to their surroundings, it allows the player to safely release their competitive urges. The American Psychological Association stated that an estimated of 70 percent of gamers play with friends worldwide (APA). While playing with others a player can enhance their communication skills by giving the players common ground to talk about how to complete certain objectives throughout the game. With video games helping with an individual’s cognitive state it can also help individuals who are recovering from physical harm such as a stroke. A stroke is when the brain loses blood flow,
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