Essay Do Violent Video Games Cause Bad Behavior?

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Ever since the video game was invented many years ago, violent, bloody games have existed also. Some include killing zombies, shooting people, and fighting that ends in either someone dying or being hurt. The outcome remains the same, and a select few continue to live out these games throughout their daily life. These games can sometimes cause people to become angry. Although, some video games may have a negative effect on some people’s lives, other reasons such as their home life can be a factor in these people’s behavior. In some states, it has been illegal for adolescents under the age of eighteen to purchase violent video games. In Illinois, Governor Rod Blagojevich is trying to outlaw the sale of excessively violent video games to …show more content…
Matt Peckham supports the theory that games do not cause bad behavior. In his web document on, he uses a sarcastic tone but yet provides the reader with a study performed by Stetson University. Surprisingly, “In my recent research we found that for some teens with a pre-existing mental health issue, playing violent video games seemed to be associated with less bullying” (Peckham 2). Other people may argue that the ability of a game to cause conflict with people’s personality is more of a conflict with their mind and body. Robbins states that video games can only cause bad behavior when allowed to by the human brain, so basically, the games are not for the weak-minded. Robbins also asks the question “Would you blame sports?” and then states “I’m not contending that there is no connection between violent games and violent people, but it’s correlative instead of causative. Individuals with personalities that lead to homicide are likely more drawn than others to media that feed their fantasies” (Robbins 1). He states here that people with a pre-existing desire for violence are more likely to display violent behavior after playing these video games. Bad behavior in children may be due to other factors. Examples may be socioeconomic status and home life, which can only feed bad behavior due to violent games, and this can sometimes cause children
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