Do Violent Video Games Help Young Children?

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Do violent video games contribute to young children? Violent video games do contribute to young kids. There is a need to inform how children can be affected by violent video games since these games have become more popular and widely available.
The first reason why violent video games are bad is because it can become addicted. Addictions involve unhealthy attractions that keep up with regular daily responsibilities such as forgetting to do school work, homework, and chores around the house. Another bad thing that addiction causes is that children and young teens interact less with others. They rather be antisocial and hang out less with friends, in order to play a video game on the Xbox, PS3, or computer. Teens who are obsessed with video games and play for long periods of time can often go an entire day without leaving their room to eat, use the restroom or to bathe. The study found that “88 percent of the nation 's children ages 8 to 18 play video games. With 45 million children of that age in the country, the study would suggest that more than 3 million are addicted "or at least have problems of the magnitude" that call for help, Gentile said” (George). The effects of this behavior can be serious danger to their overall health.
Second, it increases aggressive behavior in young teens. When teens see blood pouring out of a body, they start to enjoy what they see every time they play a violent video game. Then they start to think about how to bring the violent game into

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