Do We Have Caste Systems Within The United States Today?

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Do we have caste systems in the United States today? I feel that every society and culture has a caste system within, although it may not be a formal caste system. Although the Indian constitution has made caste-based discrimination illegal, but it remains a significant part of Indian society. In the U.S., there are people who consider themselves among the social and political elite - a ruling caste, as it were. There are people who consider themselves elite within their race. Among these groups are many who genuinely believe that the rest of us should recognize that while a few are born to rule or advise the rulers, the rest of us should be content to work, pay taxes, be ruled, and let those who are more enlightened make the…show more content…
According to Hinduism the female was created by Brahman as part of the duality in creation, to provide company to men and facilitate procreation, progeny and continuation of family linage. The Vedas suggest that a woman’s primary duty is to help her husband in performing obligatory duties and enable him to continue his family tradition. Her primary duty is to give birth to his children and take care of them. Hinduism is a predominantly male dominated religion. Woman play a secondary role. The situation is gradually changing. It is difficult to draw generalizations about the status of present day Hindu women because of society is complex. In general, life in cities is much different from life in the rural areas. Those who live abroad live in different conditions than those who live in the country. Yet, we have ample indications that women are still subject to many restrictions and disabilities in rural area as well as urban areas. The financial independence of woman and the education levels of the family play an important role in this regard. Women in urban areas face numerous challenges in their professions and personal lives. But overall, life is better for them compared to the past. Love marriage outside of the caste or community are scorned and sometimes the couples are killed or excommunicated by the elders in the family or village. Widows can now have a life of their own and even remarry. They draw a lot of sympathy. But
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