Do We Have Civil Rights?

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Do We Have Civil Rights? I do not think we have civil rights even after 50 years of the Civil Rights Act. We have been carrying this generational target on our back. We can never seem to get rid of it. The target gets bigger with each generation. The target developed on our back in the early 1600s. The first slaves was brought to the colony of Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. The reason behind the slavery idea was to bring economic revolution to America with growing of cash crops like tobacco. Slavery was spread throughout the American colonies. When the American Revolution ended so did slavery profits. In the North, the idea was dying out, it was until a cash crop was developed by an invention called the Cotton Gin. The Cotton Gin was to help with the textile mills to use the type of machine to develop the cotton. The slavery was competently dead in the North but in the South the slavery was back alive and well. There was a morel battle going on between the North and South, The Northerners believed that blacks was a second class citizen towards whites. The Southerners believed grown black men and women had to be treated like children. They were incapable of living on their own and the people felt obligated slavery was that second option to kept the people fed, clothed, and occupied. Soon the slaves created ways of escaping and exacting their revenge. They would fake illness, commit arson and murder against the slave owners. They would become part of the Abolitionist
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