Do We Need Feminism Of Be Alive Today?

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Do we need feminism to be alive today? If you’re an intelligent human being, you may be wondering why I’m asking you such a silly question, since the answer is obviously ‘yes of course, who would think otherwise?’ You’ll be very surprised then to hear about a disturbingly large number of men who (even today) would argue that a women’s purpose is solely to serve the male population: a woman’s place is in the home they argue. They tell jokes about women with two black eyes, having to be told twice. Women are still perceived as submissive and below men, which is still far from the gender equality that some naïve people believe we have in today’s world. Do men and women get paid the same wages for doing the same jobs? No. Are women’s accusations against men in situations of sexual and domestic assault taken seriously? No. There have been so many inaccurate and negative definitions of feminism which have been drilled into people’s minds, so let’s start with the true definition of feminism, shall we? Feminism is the radical notion that women are people and should be allowed the same rights, power and opportunities as men and be treated with the same respect. Nothing more, nothing less. If you agree with this statement, then congratulations! You’re a feminist! One of the most popular false beliefs about feminism is that it’s a female-only movement with the goal of female supremacy over the age old enemy, men. This commonly used misconception is usually heard spewing out of

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