Do We Need Foreign Students?

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As the airplane crashed into Pentagon on September 11, 2001, the U.S. government revealed that a well-covered terrorist organization consisted of foreign students. Hani Hasan Hanjour was a 26-year-old Saudi national who got a student visa to study English at ELS language centers Oakland, but he did not attend a single English class and became one of the terrorists (Borjas). According to a report of the Nation Science Board in 2003, the U.S. risks losing its talent to struggle in the global economy unless it persuades more Americans to fill science and engineering jobs. In addition, considering that too many foreign students apply for the same jobs in some fields, such as civil engineering, software engineering, and financial accounting,…show more content…
Foreign students contribute to the diverse U.S. society by staying in universities or workplaces. International students are an essential source of diversity in the university (Zhao, Kuh, and Carini). The native-born American who attends college with a lot of international students will have more competitive advantages in the marketplace (Calleja). Foreign students extend native-born American’s experience and boost their cultural sensitivities and skills (Carnevale). In other words, native born workers have become more competitive in job markets since they studied with foreign students in the college. Foreign students come all the way to enrich U.S. society, which means they shouldn’t be evicted.
It is true that foreign students may reduce wages in the local economy; however, they do bring some benefits to the local residents. To testify, Borjas refers to American firms that gain profits by hiring workers at much lower wages and lead to cheaper wares and services (90). In other words, local residents should benefit because of the price decline. Additionally, the demand of goods and services is also increased by foreign students consuming, Borjas declared. For instance, foreign students have to buy local products, such as cars, shampoo, especially daily food, and essential pharmaceuticals. Besides that, foreign student tuition is almost triple that of American students’. Therefore, some of them are not poor at all and they absolutely can purchase
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