Do We Really Know?

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Do We Really Know? Within the writing of Steve Earle’s, A Death in Texas, he tells a shorthand story about the prisoner Jonathan Wayne Nobles, and his journey of prison before the death penalty. The question asked when reading this is, “Was Jon Nobles actually rehabilitated?” Steve Earle thought that Nobles was rehabilitated and didn’t deserve the penalty he received, but I respectively disagree. There are many reasons that contribute to my thought that he was not rehabilitated. One is the buildup of rejection from his childhood into adulthood, causing him to thrive for love, affection, acceptance, and respect. Another reason is that on his death bed, Nobles still had a selfish speech, which was focused more on his feelings towards the victims and their family’s than their wants and needs of closure. Although he did get clean and changed the way he acted, being in a controlled environment rather than a regular society highly influenced this change, especially knowing there was no chance of getting out alive. A Merriam-Webster definition of rehabilitate is “to teach (a criminal in prison) to live a normal and productive life” which, in my opinion prison did not provide this for Nobles. On Nobles death bed speech, October 7, 1998, he proceeded to confront the victim’s families, after being told not to. He proceeded to say how sorry he was, and that he knew what he had done. He wanted the spot light, and closure for himself, even if that was affecting the family’s ability to
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