Do You Agree With The Criminal Justice System

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To begin wit'sh, prison is not a fun place to be.For example a 16 year old boy was caught with two grams of weed and he went to jail and he stays There for six months. This crime system is horrible because he only had two grams of weed and The jail sentence he got is equivalent to robbing a person, murder, or threatening an airport of your having a bomb. Justice legal system needs to get better because people's lives are getting wasted when They are in jail. If They do go to jail at least let them serve the right time for their crime. The criminal crime system should change for the getter because there are too many people in jail now.
There are too many people in jail, and they are all serving crime for the wrong time and for the wrong reason. According to the text the author says” we are not moving fast enough to reduce people who are in jail. over two million American lives caged behind bars, so many people had lost there for about 40 years.” this example shows that there is too many people in jail because we
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it helps us with putting people in jail and also making the murder serve for a long time and also the drug addicts. According to the text the author says” There is no question that the crime rate will increase if sentencing for a long time and if we let them go early they will come back and serve the same time.” this example describes the action of the police getting better at their work and the crime system working. there are more crime, but it decreasing every time the police catch one. the author say” There is less crime in the united states than before, but it increased every year.”This example describe that the crime drop in a good percentage and it shows that the old system is doing a good job because there are not a lot crime.In the other hand, crime rate increases every year, so it could go any
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