Do You Agree With The Right To Work Law

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Do you agree with the right to work law? The dues that you pay to them in order for them to back you up and give you benefits. They give you a good amount of benefits and will have a representative there for you if something happens on the job. The people that voted for it woud say that Unions shouldn’t be allowed which is why they voted for it. I think they should be allowed for the people who choose to work in a Union. There are many valid points on why it should be allowed, but there are people who believe that it shouldn’t be allowed. The people that didn’t vote for it say it shouldn’t be a law, because some people really did benefit from Unions and now they have had that taken away from them. Why did they make it a law if people choose…show more content…
The law states that no one can be forced to join or not join and they can’t be forced to pay dues. The people that did choose to be in the union now lose the benefits that they had to work for and now that the law is in place everyone now gets the benefits for free which I think is very unfair. I don't think that people should be getting benefits that those people once worked for to have for themselves and for their family. They also lost the health care that they had, and they had worked or tried to push for higher pay which I don't really agree with but i think they wanted the benefits that they did have to be better. The people that wanted right to work don’t understand that they were never forced to work for a union they chose to work with one. Nobody sat down and told them that they had to work for one because well that's illegal and they can't do…show more content…
One of the decent things that it is good for is that the right to work is that they are competitive, because they want other states to be a right to work state. There is a higher employment percentage than other states. Which means that there are more people that have jobs in the right to work states than those who aren't right to work states. The last pro would be the prevention of union bullying. People that lose their businesses would threaten the unions with the help of works that are non- union. So there are some really good pros that the law does have to
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