Do You Agree with This Interpretation of Dunkirk?

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Do you agree with this interpretation of Dunkirk? In this essay, I am going to explain a painting of Dunkirk, which was painted by a British painter in 1940. The artist, who painted the picture, was called Charles Cundall. He was sent by the British government to paint a picture about The Evacuation at Dunkirk. His main aim for painting this picture was to make Germany look bad and Britain look good. Therefore he had a reason to paint the picture as he was British himself. By looking at the picture I predict that he would not have been sitting in the battle field whilst the war is going of as we would have been exploded to pieces. He could have painted the picture from what he would have remembered whilst this battle was going on.…show more content…
The little ships in the picture are accurate as many on the ships would be fleeing from the shore into open sea water. We can see many bombs in the picture being fired out at sea. This is an element of reason that is needed to show the public that bombs were used by the Germans to try and stop the British from escaping. Big boats are also seen fleeing alongside the small boats. We see the big boat which is leaving the shore, of Dunkirk. There are many in-accurate points about the sea. The big boats are shown too close to the shore. This would be in-accurate as when the big boats were to move they would get stuck due to the sand of the shore. We can see the water at Dunkirk is very shallow, which would mean that boats would have to be at least miles away from shore in order for them to move. The artist Charles Cundall painted this on purpose to show British people, how the Germans stopped boats from being fled out to sea. This again would be propaganda as it shows British public how bad the Germans really are. The ships out at sea would at least have been sunk where as in the picture we see only one small ship being sunk. In reality three or four ship would have been sunk as soldiers were stopped from fleeing. The last part of the picture I am going to analyse is the sky. Again there are some accurate and in-accurate parts about the sky. Some
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