Do You Agree with the View That by 1940 the Main Obstacle to Indian Independence Was Not British Imperialism but Divisions Within India?

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Do you agree with the view that by 1940 the main obstacle to Indian independence was not British imperialism but divisions within India?

Many people believe that in the 1940’s most of India’s problems involving independence was to do with divisions within India rather than British imperialism. In this essay I will be looking at both points of view and finally giving my opinion. I will be using three sources also to help me show both sides of the story. I will also be using my further knowledge to add a wider range of knowledge.
Source 15 is a statement made by Viceroy Linlithgow during discussions with Muhammad Ali Jinnah in August 1940, concerning arrangements for the wartime administration of India. In this source he is both for and
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Source 16 is a lot more one sided compared to source 15. Source 16 mainly believes that it is British imperialism that is preventing Indian Independence. This source is from W.O. Simpson, from ‘changing horizons’, which was published in 1986. One of the most obvious quotes backing up the hatred towards British Imperialism is, “The idea, and the Government of India Act that emerged on 1935, was strongly opposed by one faction in the Conservative Party, which formed itself into the Imperial Defence League.” This Defence League tried to prevent the Act being passed but it was unsuccessful in its efforts, and the Act was passed. “The Act was attacked both in Britain for going too far”. If Britain didn’t go as far as they did with the act they would have had a more successful reign. In this source there is a quote that suggests that divisions within India that was stopping Indian Independence. “in India for not going far enough”. This quote suggests that India didn’t believe the Act wasn’t taken out as much as they would have liked. Round table conferences did prove that congress didn’t speak for all of India, and due to the minority of the Muslims in India the 1937 elections were very nerve racking for the Muslims. If Congress came into power they would have been in a very bad situation. The Muslim League needed to win over all of the Muslims and make sure the trials can become fair.
Source 17 is much like source 15 because they a both fairly even
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