Do You Appreciate Every Day? Essay

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Do you appreciate every day? Every memory? Every Breath? If you don’t, what I am about to share will hopefully change your mind. It all began with a very dull week of my 5th grade year. Monday morning I was at my mother’s house. I got up as I usually do. She made me breakfast and then I went to school. This was my everyday routine. Back then I didn’t get the best grades; I was never part of the social crowd. My classmates never talked to me and everyone thought of me as just a quiet, nice, ordinary girl. In fact, I wasn’t quiet or that ordinary, but very spontaneous, imaginative, exquisite, and abstract. The people in my class did make fun of me a lot because I was not the brightest bulb in the bunch at the time.

However, my parents always understood me. My sister would encourage me to do things that most people would put me down for. I was really good at singing when I was 10 years old. I’ll never forget my older sister always asking me sing for her. As the year progressed, my mother started getting extremely sick. My sister and I never thought anything of it because our mom was always sick. This was simply because she walked to work everyday. She had to walk not because we did not have a vehicle, but it was because my mother could not drive. An accident occurred years before I was even born. My mother’s legs locked up and she crashed. It would take years of physical therapy to recover from it. She also wasn 't supposed to be able to have any
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