Do You Believe? God? Essay

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Do You Believe in God? Do you believe in a higher power that cannot be touched or seen? Some people believe that there is a higher power known as “God” and others do not believe that someone can exist that cannot be seen or touched. God is known to be “Infinitely good” according to philosopher Saint Thomas Aquinas, but other philosophers such as Fredrik Bendz’ do not believe that a God can exist because it simply is not logical. Everyone has their own reasons to why or why not God exists, but in this essay I am going to discuss why I believe in God, the evidence, philosophical position that is closest to my views, and the possible criticisms. In my own experience, I have to say that I do believe in God more than anything else in this world. I grew up in a Christian home since I was a little girl and I have always been involved in the church. Over the years I have found that many people have tried to explain why God cannot simply exist because He simply is not tangible. In my opinion I believe this to be false because I have learned that without God I cannot make it through the daily struggles that life brings me. Even though He is not “tangible” I feel Him all the time and I simply go on faith that He is real. Everyone believes in something that comforts them and that they believe happens to them when they die. I believe that even though I cannot see or touch God I know He is watching over me and keeping me safe. If someone were to ask me if they could convince me to
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