Do You Believe? God?

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Do you believe in God? Do you even believe in a God? Is God even real? These questions are commonly asked and the reason for it is because people believe in different things depending on how they were raised growing up. This question is a very in depth question because a lot of people don’t know the real truth or actually understand if a God really does exist. Today I will be arguing against a few different philosophers who don’t believe in a God and are actually atheist. And also I will be agreeing with a few philosophers and taking on that side of why God does exist. But remember everyone in this world are entitled to there own opinion and the reason I say that is because I do not want to offend anybody who believes in something different from everyone else. The first well-known philosopher that I want to talk about is the famous Thomas Aquanis. Thomas will forever be remembered as the guy who supposedly proved the existence of God by arguing that the Universe had to have been created by something, since everything in existence has a beginning and an end. This is now referred to as the “First Cause” argument, and all philosophers after Thomas have wrestled with proving or disproving the theory. Thomas founded everything he postulated firmly in Christianity, and for this reason, he is not universally popular, today. Even Christians consider that, since he derived all his ethical teachings from the Bible, Thomas is not independently authoritative of any of those
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