Do You Believe That People Might Think Twice About The

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Do you believe that people might think twice about the threats climate change presents to our country, if they saw their favorite childhood beach swallowed up by the ocean? The Issue of climate change has been ignored by our country since 2012, but the threats that it presents to our country remain, regardless of being ignored. Climate change is responsible for many negative environmental effects such as, Increasing Global temperatures, increasing sea levels, and Increasing occurrences of natural disasters. Therefore, climate change is a real and serious threat to our country. Have you ever gone to the beach in the summer and noticed that the water looked a bit closer to the shore than it did when you went as a child? If you have noticed …show more content…

In one costal town, Riggs was talking about the sea level increase with an interviewer and stated “Oh yea, this town would be under water.”. Although the sea level is not expected to reach those levels for another 80 years, when it does, an estimated 500,000 North Carolinian’s lives will be threatened, and forced to evacuate, as their beloved communities become swallowed up by the big blue. The rising of the oceans sea levels explicitly displays how climate change is a threat to the United States because, the rising seas are threating the very existence of the iconic North Carolina coastal communities our Men, women and children call home. In the previous paragraph one was most likely wondering to themselves about what caused those sea levels to rise. Well, that introduces the next threat that climate change presents to America, which is the increasing global temperatures. The most popular and publicly known threat presented from the rising temperatures is the melting of the glacial ice caps. Despite this is still a serious threat brought upon our country because it raises the sea levels, the increasing global temperature presents a more vital threat, eliminating our food production. One aspect of our food production that would suffer from rising global temperatures is our crops. Crops are very sensitive and require very specific temperatures and water amounts to grow, and if those requirements aren’t met to their liking, the crops won’t produce to their potential. An

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