Do You Consider Yourself A Sports Fanatic?

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Do you consider yourself a sports fanatic? More in specific a college football enthusiast, do you know all the players, awards, and college superstars? Do you watch every game, of every season? Well I can tell you football is such a diverse game with all sorts of plays, players, positions, and awards I highly doubt you know all of it. One of the biggest, and my favourite, is the Heisman Trophy Award. The Heisman Trophy Award takes the nation 's best college athletes and compares them to every other college athlete, only few have won from the state of Texas. And if you want to be exact, only 10 from the state of Texas have won the Heisman Trophy. One of the first Heisman winners was Davey O 'Brien in 1938. His full name was Robert David…show more content…
Mr. Campbell was born into poverty, with 10 other siblings. He was the sixth out of eleven total children, and all of them had many chores and responsibilities because his parents couldn’t keep up with all of them. Campbell’s father died when he was 11 years old. His running ability led his high school, John Tyler, to a 4A state championship in 1973.Campbell had most colleges wanting him, but narrowed it down to five; Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas, Houston and Arkansas, but ultimately chose the great Texas Longhorns. Campbell played running back for three years, 1974 to 1977. His freshman year he played in all eleven normal season games, rushing for 928 yards and six touchdowns. Campbell was elected All-American at the fullback position. Leg injuries kept him out of four games of his junior season. His final year for the Longhorns, as a senior, a game against the Rice Owls, he scored four touchdowns in a 72-15 blowout. That same college game Longhorn kicker Russell Erxleben set an NCAA record for a 67 yard field goal. Campbell 's final regular season game he set his career high record for 222 rushing yards and a win over rival, Texas A&M, the score was 57-28. Texas finished their season undefeated, as well as Earl Campbell getting the Heisman Trophy Award. Campbell was the first overall pick in the 1978 NFL Draft. He was signed by the Houston Oilers for six year, 1.4 million contract. Campbell led the league in his begining season with 1,450

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