Do You Have A Love For Sports?

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Do you have a love for sports? Well I love sports and my job won’t even feel like work because of how much i 'm around sports. This career I have chose is to be a coach.I have took career cluster surveys and my top career cluster is Education and training. As a coach I will get to teach ametuer up to professional athletes skills to improve them in their sport. I will also get to instruct my team during games and lead them to wins. I will enjoy knowing that I shaped my team into better men. More than enjoying the wins my team gets. I chose this career because of my love for sports. I love football so much that i want to go pro in it. Coaching will be something to fall back on after that. In fact, It won’t even feel like i’m doing anything because I enjoy doing something I have enjoyed to do since a kid. I feel that coaching is the very best career based on the topics I researched. These topics include work environment, education and training, important qualities, and salary as well as job outlook.

Work Environment

Coaches have to know what is going on during a game. Coaches need to know when to sub players so they don’t get tired during a game. As an athlete I know that rest is a great thing for the player. If the player is tired he/she won’t be playing to their full potential. They also need to call the proper plays. I know that a coach calling the right plays can lead to a win for the team and the coach will have to recognize the other team’s formation in order to call…
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