Do You Know How You Survive?

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Do you know how to survive?
Have you ever thought what the world would be like if there was no technology guiding us? Wonder a world would be like if not everyone had cars? Ever Wonder a world where any race besides white got beaten for saying anything? Imagine a world where not everyone had resources accessible to them for survival, technology to keep alive, or even awareness of certain diseases and ways to cure them. That was the life of people that lived in the era of the 1960s, where blacks did not have a say, people only communicated through word of mouth or the telephone, and many people died of diseases unknown to the world.
The ways that people survive these days has drastically changed over time. There was a time when people did not have the technology to communicate information as fast they do today. People only got updates from the newspaper delivered to their door, had to wait to meet the person, or news traveled by people just calling on the telephone. There was a time when people would come up with names for diseases, but did not have the tools to find out the cure. In today’s world before you come up with the name of the diseases there are people already coming up with the cure. It is easier to live in the modern world because of the technological advancements in healthcare, resources are more accessible than in the 1960s which leads to higher life expectancy. In the 1960s, not that many people had the resources that are available today because more…
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