Do You Know What I Mean? Essay

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Do You Know What I Mean?

Anyone familiar with music magazines will notice a common method used by most music critics: comparing artists to one or more of their peers. In most cases this method is critical to the review, especially if the readers have never heard the artist being reviewed. It gives them a point of reference, and if they like the artists being compared, they might buy the album. Such comparisons can work for or against an artist, but for one band in particular it has been incorporated into almost everything ever written about them.

Oasis were in the hands of the media right from the beginning. In a review of their first album, Definitely Maybe, Stuart Maconie referred to them as “manna from heaven in a slow newspaper
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Liam even claimed to be the reincarnated soul of John Lennon, though his brother often pointed out its chronological impossibility.

Though some of these facts seem important when music was concerned, they took a back seat in the tabloids to stories of alcohol and drug use, egotism, bad-mannered interviews, general rudeness, and various scuffs with the law, which include investigations of assault on a female member of the British Airways staff by Liam earlier this year (“In Brief” 14). Previous charges had been brought against him involving violence toward overzealous members of the press. All members of the band were infamous for their offensive language and penchants for endless partying. Noel verbally attacked anyone considered by him to be an enemy, including members of the media, the royal family, and other bands. Concerning the band’s live shows, Steven Mirkin stated, “The group's concerts used to be like NHL hockey. People claimed they went because they admired the grace and precision of the playing, but were really hoping a fight would break out (26).” Perhaps the media took offence at a band that seemed so unaffected by their power to give them any kind of press they wanted, which in this case was mostly seen as negative. This could have been their reason for playing up what they thought were Oasis’ musical flaws, causing the formation of two clearly apposing sides on the issue of Oasis.

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