Do You Love Me Mary Jane?

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In 2012, “Dinesh Romde from the Associated Press,” interviewed a U.S Congressional candidate, by the name of Amar Kaleka, whose father had been gunned down by a white supremacist. After the incident, Kaleka started to suffer panic attacks, lost his appetite, couldn't sleep, and started to have suicidal thoughts. After going to the doctors, Kaleka was prescribed medicinal marijuana. When Kaleka was interviewed he stated that the medicinal marijuana works. She feels that it is disappointing that people do not see marijuana as a good option to cure people. In the interview Kaleka said “Personally I know that medicinal marijuana works. I think it's disappointing that people who might really need it, someone who's gone through a tragedy like that, doesn't have access to that option."(Kaleka) Not only did medicinal marijuana treat his illnesses, but it also gave him a new opportunity to focus on the things he wanted to accomplish in life. Although marijuana is perceived as a bad drug, it should be legalized in the United States because it helps treat illnesses and diseases. Marijuana has many good benefits to one’s health. One of the health benefits that marijuana has is that it helps stop HIV from spreading throughout the body. In 2011, researchers discovered the true potential that marijuana had towards people who had HIV. However, because of the United States restrictions on research towards marijuana, they cannot test on humans. Many people see marijuana to be a drug that is
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