Do You Love The Earth As Much As You Pizza?

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Do you love the earth as much as you love pizza? In an advertisement for Pizza & Love, a pizza place that uses recycled pizza boxes, shows a photograph of an opened brown pizza box with one slice of pizza left. The only thing left on the round cardboard base where the pizza sat is grease and a single slice of pizza. The advertisers used this round cardboard base to represent the earth and the grease remaining on the round base forms the shape of the continents. The last slice of pizza is loaded with greens, specifically broccoli. I don’t think it was by accident that they chose broccoli toppings on the pizza slice as broccoli look like small trees. The slice sits in what would be considered South America and the Amazon rain forest. On the left hand side of the print-ad there are the words in bold white font, one word per line, that states, “Fight for the last slice.” In the bottom right hand corner is the Pizza & Love’s logo that says, “We make pizza not global warming.” This print-ad is very well thought out, and makes you think about the deeper meaning behind the ad.
In this print-ad, the first thing that caught my attention was the how the one slice of pizza left in the box was only covered in greens on one side. It took a little to realize that the leftover grease and pizza combined to create the earth. I felt it was clever how the grease darkened the cardboard suggesting that the continents displayed in the grease were dry and dead. Also, the fact that the only slice

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