Do You Need To Survive: Fishing Tackle And Pole

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Do You Need That to Survive: Fishing Tackle and Pole
A more relevant question might be is do you need to carry fishing tackle and pole in your survival kit. If you are skilled enough you can make your own tackle, and a pole can be virtually anything on which you can attach a line. However, why go through the trouble of making your own when you can carry a small kit, and finally ask yourself, do you really need to fish in most survival situations.
Fishing tackle doesn’t take up much room and you can put your own fishing tackle kit together, and make it small enough to fit in your coat pocket, so why not have one.
If you get lost hiking or hunting, your objective is to survive until you are rescued or until you can find your way back. Usually,
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If you are sheltering in place and there is a river, creek or lake close by and you have tackle then there is no reason not to fish that is if you have the means to create a fire. If you thought ahead enough to bring tackle then it is likely fire starting material is in your pack as well. Of course, it could be raining or had rained and the wood and dried grasses are wet and damp. You can’t eat fish raw, so first things first, a shelter, fire and then food.
If you are hiking out despite the odds of finding your way back, you may not have time to stop and make a fire, and then sit by the river bank for a few hours, or you may not want to take the time. If you were willing to take the time, then it might have been better to have stayed put in the first place.
For those of you who may live in an urban area, parks and other public venues may have ponds or man-made lakes that may be stocked with fish. If the SHTF and you cannot bug-out of the urban area, fishing may be a viable way of obtaining food.
There really is not a downside to carrying fishing tackle. Some of you may be envisioning a large tackle box, but this does not need to be the case. A few hooks, lures, spoons and some fake bait along with some line is all you need to start
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