Do You Really Know?

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Do You REALLY Know? When it comes to reading, most everyone enjoys stories filled with the unexpected. When the story is read, the reader tries to predict the outcome. Then, all of a sudden, the plot thickens and the ending is something completely different. The master of this strategy is Anton Chekhov. Chekhov sets up his story plots that makes a reader believe his stories will end a certain way, but in all actuality it ends completely different than originally predicted. One case when Chekhov writes a twist ending into his work is his short story “The Bet.” He begins “The Bet” by setting the playing field that beings a life changing experience for one of the main characters (The Bet 1). While attending a party thrown by the banker of the town, the topic of capital punishment arises. Between the banker and young lawyer, they argue whether solitary confinement is more humane than the death penalty. The lawyer determines solitary confinement would be the better option because life alone is better than no life at all. Once they have determined the better of the two options, the banker and the lawyer create a bet amongst the two of them. The original stakes of the bet were the lawyer must stay five years locked in solitude for the exchange of two millions (The Bet 1). While in his self-imprisonment, the lawyer would be allowed a musical instrument, wine and the ability to smoke, all the books he could read, and the opportunity to write letters. The young lawyer agrees to…

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