Do You Really Know What It?

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Do you really know what’s in that can of Coca Cola you are giving to your child? In a six hundred milliliters bottle contains high fructose corn syrup, fifteen teaspoons of added sugar, and no kola nut extra contrary to what is implied by the “Cola” name. Advertisers wouldn 't tell you that even if they wanted to. Every day during daily activities like walking, driving or even relaxing at home people are bombarded by images of perfect bodies, beautiful hair, and having parties with lots of friends, everyone looks so happy. These ideas and images are embedded in our minds. Advertisements select audience openly and subjectively to target us with their product. They allude to the fact that in order to be like those people in this advertisements you must use their product. This approach is not new nor is it unique, but never has it been as widely used as it is today. They give us motivation to buy a product: Your children will love you more if you buy them this or drink coca cola then your life will be filled with happiness. Every one of our emotions is played on so that we will feel obligated to buy a product. Advertisements affect our subconscious by using different techniques and persuasion through weasel words, bandwagon and social media to offer us not just a product, but a lifestyle.

In Donna Cross’s essay Propaganda: How Not To Be Bamboozled as well as William Lutz With These Words, I Can Sell You Anything depicts the method of using glittering generalities or weasel…
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