Do You Support Privatisation of the Mhpa in This Instance?

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Privatisation is where a previously public owned firm is sold privately usually to generate a large capital sum or to reduce the burden on the public sector. Privatisation refers to the changing of ownership from a state-owned to a privately owned entity. It is usually done three ways which usually are the sale of assets, contracting out and deregulation. Therefore by privatising the MHPA, it means that the ownership of the enterprise would change to a privately owned firm from a state owned firm and therefore this would bring about a large amount of potential changes in the way that the firm is run and operates. Using the data as well as my own economic knowledge, I am against the privatisation of the MHPA. One of the reasons why I…show more content…
when private firms are striving for technical efficiency, this is because they would cut costs which would usually have an adverse effect on
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