Do You Use A Computer At Home?

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Do you use a computer at home? Do you use a computer at school or work? No matter where it is being used, the world relies on computer use each day. With every day that passes we become more vulnerable to computer hacking. Everyday someone in the world is looking through a computer webcam to take the public’s information. The people who participate in this activity, are referred to as hackers. Many people in the public do not know it, but their webcam is operating without them telling it to. That is, because hackers are controlling the computers of civilians and also the government without their knowledge, to get the civilians’ personal and private information. In addition to gaining civilian information, the hackers are also capturing…show more content…
Viruses are planted on websites or programming. When an individual enters the site, their computer is affected by the bug that the hacker might have planted ahead of time to affect anyone who visits the site. This can capture personal and private information. Banks and business are also affected, and in turn, personal information for citizens and other important files can be captured. Celebrities have had their information taken when someone hacked into Apple’s database, taking their personal photos from the ‘cloud’ storage space and made the viral. The government has also been affected by hacking and have had classified information compromised and stolen. The government’s healthcare site has been hacked. The system was hacked into and lost ……… Individuals and the government are trying to combat computer hacking in many ways. Individuals monitor sites they visit, purchase Spyware, and use passwords and usernames that make it difficult for hackers to gain information. The government is addressing computer hacking of its systems as well. It has created standards that help organizations and departments to practice safe security techniques to stop cybersecurity attacks, and uses cyber security systems to check its systems for hacking. The government has also made laws about taking information from computers that are encrypted. A law, considered a hole by hackers, of a

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